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Aryan Tours India

# Gr Floor, 253 Shahpur Jat,
New Delhi - 110049, INDIA
Telefax:- +91 11 - 2649 9558
4175 0511 / 4157 0512
E mail :-
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Aryan Tours India is committed to building 'A Winners'. An environment of inspiration, motivation and performance, where every Aryan Tours India employee is given the opportunity and the means to grow. A culture of dignity, respect, transparency and equity, where potential is consistently recognised, channelised, nurtured and rewarded.

Aryan Tours India's business activities cut across a range of travel and travel related segments, producing a highly dynamic work environment. The Aryan Tours India, work environment is therefore a dynamic balance of yin and yang. Aryan Tours India employees are trained to master and balance a range of management styles. Maintaining discipline of thought and action, and yet encouraging creativity and lateral thinking. Using cutting-edge technology and yet staying deeply sensitive to human needs. Understanding the difference between corporate and entrepreneurial approaches to business problems and recognising the freedom to use either approach to create market defining solutions.

Standard HR policies and processes are followed across all divisions within the group. The HR philosophy hinges on treating people with dignity and respect. Every Aryan Tours India employee is empowered and encouraged to aspire for extraordinary growth. The company's commitment to building 'A Winners' is reflected in the fact that today most Business Unit Heads are young, talented individuals holding positions of great responsibility.

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