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Weekend Attraction
Sariska National Park

Area: 765.80
District: Alwar
Main species found: Tiger, panther, hyena, jungle cat, civet, sambar, nilgai, ingha, dhole(vaid dog), wild boar, partridge, green pigeon, red spurfc)wl, etc.

How to get there
Kir- laipur (108 km)
Rail- Alwar (21 km)

A Project Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, Sariska lies about 200 km away from Delhi, near e city of Alwar. The area spans 765.80 of dry deciduous forests of the Aravalli range and is an excellent tiger country. Sariska was once the royal reserve of the rulers of Alwa .kr. Declared a sanctuary in 1955, It became a tiger reserve in 1979 under Project Tiger.

Along the edge of the Reserve Is the picturesque Sillserh Lake where crocodites[R can be seen swiffiming and basking on the banks. A marvellous hunting lodge overlooking the take is a marvellous place for visitors to stay.

Herds of sambar, chital, nilgai and sounders of wild boar - the prey population for predators like the tiger and leopard, can be seen wandering in the reserve. Other inhabitants include the hyena, jungle cat, caracal and the dhole or wild dog.
The Park has a series of hides and watchtowers that afford fine opportunities for viewng and clicking wildlife.

Spiendid ruins dot the area around Sariska. Inside the reserve is the historic Kankwari Fort ' where the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb once imprisoned his brother Dara Shikoh. A beautiful palace complex, built in 1902, with a 'French' pavilion, is now converted to a hotel. About 32 km from the Park are the famous Neelkanth temples
(6th-13 th century AD)

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